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Joke about the Blue Jay article

Posted on: August 10, 2011 10:09 pm
  • .254 Home Batting Average for the Jays in 2010.
  • .243 Road Batting Average for the Jays in 2010.

  • 146 HR Home for the Jays in 2010.
  • 111 HR Away for the Jays in 2010.

  • 704 Hits on the Road for the Jays in 2010.
  • 660 Hits at Home for the Jays in 2010.

  • 146 Doubles at Home for the Jays in 2010.
  • 173 Doubles on the Road for the Jays in 2010.

6 games more on the road than at home. Which looks like a believable stat to say they were cheating?
Clearly isn't the BA. Just .10 over, no big difference.
The HR is clear that there is a difference, but I'll speak about that later.
The Hits. In 6 games more on the road there were 44 hits more. Not that much of a difference considering there were 350 or so more atbats.

The doubles is key, because you can say all you want about home runs. If you know the pitch, you are more likely to connect. That doesn't mean that you will sock it out of the park.
Rather it is more likely to stay in the park and go for a single/double (Triples were almost the same). (Mark Hebscher, Sportsline)
That is why the article they wrote, isn't completely factual. All they mention, is that these hitters hit more HR's, but nothing about their less hits, doubles.
Hell, they had 23 more walks on the road than at home. If the guy was giving them signals you'd think they wouldn't swing at anything outside the zone.

Blue Jay's hitter Jose Bautista said it best: "Last year it was steriods, this year sign stealing, I wonder what they will come up with next."
Since the allstar break, Bautista has hit 2 HR's both on the road, maybe his mystery fan wasn't there.

It just annoyed me to see such things, people actually write stupidity, to deflate the morality of a team. It's hard enough competing with the Yanks/Sox, but then they have to focus on people writing when they do well. There is little written about the games where the ump blew the call and they lost the game, but that goes unnoticed. Reporters need to stop trying to bring players down, and people need to acknowledge that article as a joke, something to gain attention. If there was ever a problem, there would be a formal complaint filed, and action taken.

All facts and stats taken from the ESPN website Embarassed, and some of the opinions were made on the TV show Sportsline.

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