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Joke about the Blue Jay article

  • .254 Home Batting Average for the Jays in 2010.
  • .243 Road Batting Average for the Jays in 2010.

  • 146 HR Home for the Jays in 2010.
  • 111 HR Away for the Jays in 2010.

  • 704 Hits on the Road for the Jays in 2010.
  • 660 Hits at Home for the Jays in 2010.

  • 146 Doubles at Home for the Jays in 2010.
  • 173 Doubles on the Road for the Jays in 2010.

6 games more on the road than at home. Which looks like a believable stat to say they were cheating?
Clearly isn't the BA. Just .10 over, no big difference.
The HR is clear that there is a difference, but I'll speak about that later.
The Hits. In 6 games more on the road there were 44 hits more. Not that much of a difference considering there were 350 or so more atbats.

The doubles is key, because you can say all you want about home runs. If you know the pitch, you are more likely to connect. That doesn't mean that you will sock it out of the park.
Rather it is more likely to stay in the park and go for a single/double (Triples were almost the same). (Mark Hebscher, Sportsline)
That is why the article they wrote, isn't completely factual. All they mention, is that these hitters hit more HR's, but nothing about their less hits, doubles.
Hell, they had 23 more walks on the road than at home. If the guy was giving them signals you'd think they wouldn't swing at anything outside the zone.

Blue Jay's hitter Jose Bautista said it best: "Last year it was steriods, this year sign stealing, I wonder what they will come up with next."
Since the allstar break, Bautista has hit 2 HR's both on the road, maybe his mystery fan wasn't there.

It just annoyed me to see such things, people actually write stupidity, to deflate the morality of a team. It's hard enough competing with the Yanks/Sox, but then they have to focus on people writing when they do well. There is little written about the games where the ump blew the call and they lost the game, but that goes unnoticed. Reporters need to stop trying to bring players down, and people need to acknowledge that article as a joke, something to gain attention. If there was ever a problem, there would be a formal complaint filed, and action taken.

All facts and stats taken from the ESPN website Embarassed, and some of the opinions were made on the TV show Sportsline.

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Mid-Season Surge: Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors after having a dismal start have had a recent boost and have moved four games over .500 for the first time since last year. They have beaten teams like Dallas, Los Angeles and Orlando on their way to their success.

They have had improved playing from Hedo Turkoglu and Andrea Bargnani as well as other players of the bench. They have outscored their opponents by 10 points or more in their past 30 games which is fasr better than being outscored by 10 through the first part of the season. They are currently in fifth place in the east and 5 games behind the division leading Celtics.

They now have secondary scoring to complement Chris Bosh who leads the team in double-doubles and averaging 24 points a game which is a good amount for a player who has four other players in double digit scoring. After missing the playoffs last year the Raps are looking to return to the playoffs and try to make a run for the championship that will be a humongous task. If they are hoping to make a playoff push they will need a good pickup prior to the deadline. These include Brendan Haywood and Ben Gordon.

Since hiring Jay Triano and having a bad season last year, he is looking to be the first .500 coach in Raptors History, and the first to win the championship. Right now if they keep playing the way they are they should most likely reach the playoffs easily, and unless they lose a major player to injury you’ve got to like their chances.
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Posted on: January 24, 2010 9:44 pm

Ryan gets what he deserves as Colts go to Miami

Rex Ryan got what he deserved, after trying to make up for his mistake by saying that his team was out of the playoffs, he tried over the past few weeks to act as though his team was a great pick to go through, but the only reason they reached the playoffs was because of the Colts, and in the playoffs they had 2 kickers miss five field goals which could have lead to them losing both games. So when Ryan came forward saying he would beat the Colts, me a Colts fan was shocked because Matt Stover doesn't miss many field goals. Turns out that aws 9 points more than the Colts would have gotten with him missing kicks. The underdog Jets got a few lucky wins, and that is what they remained after getting embarassed by the Colts trying to play the same defence the whole game, rather than changing it up. play run 2 downs, blitz on third lead to two sacks in the first quarter and 30 points after. Maybe next year if Ryan realizes the caliber of his players he can help them absorb the blow of a playoff loss. Telling a player he cant lose is not better than telling a player we're the underdog and got something to prove and nothing to lose, hopefully he'll learn.
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Posted on: December 20, 2009 11:26 pm

Fantasy Schedules Disturbingly Wrong

With me trailing by two and having A.P. going versus johnathan stewart to make it to the finals of my fantasy, i was shocked when i looked at the score at the end of it losing by 6-8 points at the end of the game. Isn't it frustrating when you have a number 2 guy like stewart behind deangelo getting  injured to let stewart in and then he leads his team past the first fantasy pick A.P.
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Should rookies be restricted?

Because of the face that every year new players come into the league via the draft, and many of those players end up with meager stats. Very rarely to players perform above league standards for rookies.
So should the league be allowing teams to restrict players? When players are drafted high, they expect a high paying longer than most contract. Most of them coming out of college do not end up fulfilling expectations and leave teams with players who they can't get rid off and with large amounts of money invented with a bust.
Take 2 players Mark Sanchez and Jairus Byrd- one a first round pick one a second rounder. The second coming of Joe namath as he was proclaimed after his defence led the Jets to three wins, while Byrd played little through the first few games. One is having an unbelievable season now with 8 interceptions, while Sanchez has dropped to 10 TD's 17INT's, which is a bad ratio for a QB, and the worst part is they keep him in there, they don't pull him.
That is why the league should allow teams to sign draft picks to a yearly contract(1-7) depending on whether or not they play well through the first half of their rookie season. That gives teams the oppurtunity the chance to cut players that don't meet expectations without being penalized, by the salary cap and penalties.Cool
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Can anyone do it?

2 teams have gone perfect through the regular season with 1 winning the super bowl.
Never in history have two teams made it 16-0 in a season. This year is is especially possible as long as the Saints can do it because the Colts seem to be following the best QB in Peyton Manning through the season. With a rookie defence playing stellar, and a unbeatable offence, the saints as well can anyone stop them. The last test for the Saints will be Dallas in a few weeks, so lets see if it's possible, and have a possible perfect superbowl.

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Schenn's overstepping boundaries

Both Brayden and Luke Schenn have made their unpleasent ways to the NHL and haven't put in the effort that many OHL,AHL players have. Playing 5 years in the juniors and coming up is one thing but just coming right in and not being able to produce well is discouraging for the juniors. It gives the idea that players just have to be a good draft pick then they can give up on the game.
Once a player plays badly, while the leafs are on a rebuilding season they choose to keep a defenseman that isn't playing to the league level and is not scoring also. They should send him to the miors and help him improve his game not leave him at a position where he can make or break a game.
The leafs can replace him with Lee Stempniak and shift Viktor Stalberg up from the marlies to take stemp's spot. Hopefully something is done to help other OHL players who have been playing well get into the NHL rather than have players like Schenn here, someone who "can be a future star". Why not let him become a future star somplace else and then bring him back once he can play at a league level.Yell

Brayden Schenn recently signed a 1 game contract with L.A. and I watched the game looking to see how well he would respond. Other than the fact he gave the puck away 5-6 times including one that led to a goal,Surprised he had a decent game. Commentators around the league are beginning to notice this, he's not a star player like John Tavares whom the Islanders desperately need. The Kings do have a decent offensive setup which ranks fifth as of today with 77 goals. They do need a player to take Ryan Smiths place but Schenn isn't the one to do it. There are plenty of more deserving players who have put in the effort and are not getting a chance because they weren't a high draft choice. Hopefully something is changed.Cry

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Wierd Trends in the NFL

How come it takes some teams 7 games to win one, and takes over 10 for the best teams to lose one. With the leagure supposed to be a competitive one, it is certainly confusing when a few teams seperate themselves. From the Manning Colts, to the Breesing Saints showing how one player can have a huge effect on the game.
But in other situations, teams have the one big guy but aren't really doing well. From Detroit with Calvin Johnson, to Buffalo with T.O., and the Rams with Steven Jackson, these teams should be doing better, but can;t seem to muster anything up and have been labelled as the worst teams in the league, with talented players wasting away their careers in these places. I have no doubt a good team would be willing to pick up any of these guys.
To improve the way the league is set up every 10 years they should have a draft,  for current players so they can switch teams if they choose without having to go through the ugly contract negotiations. It certainly would help make the league better, the only people that would be complaining are the fans from the good teamsTongue out
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